Tidal Trent Angling Club 


The club shall be named Tidal Trent Angling Club.

Membership is restricted to a number agreed at the annual general meeting.

Membership implies acceptance of the rules.

Any member has the right to request proof of membership from anyone in the vicinity of saunby ponds.

Membership fees shall be fixed at the annual general meetingof the club and must be paid by the 1st april each year.New members may be accepted at any time in the year but must have paid their fees before they commence to fish.

Members must hold a current Enviroment Agency Licence and abide by all the bylaws.

The committee shall be elected at the annual general meeting and shall consit of Chairman,Secretary/Treasurer and five other members all being elected from the membership of the club.

A quorum at the annul general meeting shall consit of ten members.

Access to the pond is viathe stone track oppersite the trent port hotel, to the saunby beck outfall then via the top of the flood bank to the stone parking area.

Parking is at members or visitors own riskand vehicles must not obstruct any access,gateway or road way.

Members must ensure the gate is locked at all times as our water depends upon it.

Only club members, or guests shall be allowed at the ponds.A guest shall be accompanied by a member who will be responsibale for the guest behavior.

Members my be accompanied by a non fishing family, provided that no disturbance is coursed 

Dogs shall only be allowed at the ponds if kept under strict control.

No fish of any species to be killed or taken from the ponds.

The financial year shall end on the 31st december and the annual general meeting shall be held by the first weekend in march.

The club shall not be responsible for any loss or damage and accepts no responsibility for action of the member or guest.

Night fishing is permited but balifts must be informed.

NO camping at the ponds BUT bivvys are permited for night fishing.

Members fishing in matches are to fish from the peg allocated unless it is accepted as impossibale by committee member.All fish except Pike,Trout,Grass carp will count in matches.In pike matches spinning is allowed but only from the peg allocated.

No rod to be left in the water unatened at any time.

Anglers may fish with up to three rods,  two rods in pike matches and only one in other matches.

Interpretation of the rules. The committee shall decide any questions arising on interpretation of these rules or any matter not specifically provided there in, subject to a members's right to appeal to a general meeting of the club.Eevery club member shall be provided with a copy of rules.

Note. One enviroment Agency rod licence only covers two rods there for if you fish with three rods you will need 2 licence's.